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Little Victories

This past weekend the family and I took a pretty epic road trip across Texas. The first leg of the journey was a direct drive from Amarillo to Corpus Christi, with a stop for lunch in San Antonio. (This, of course, doesn’t include the emergency stop in Sweetwater when apparently my driving made two of the three kiddos in the backseat very sick… let’s just say clean up was required.) The drive is a whopping 10 hours and when you have 3 kids in tote, it’s NOT the most fun ever. But we continued on and made it! The weekend was amazing, but alas the day arrived for us to begin the journey back…

This time, we chose a different route. Instead of making the trek in one big chunk, we headed from Corpus Christi to Georgetown, where we met up with my parents and had lunch, taking a break to see family. Then we continued on to Arlington and stayed the night with my in-loves. One night turned into two, and then when we finally decided to finish up the drive to Amarillo, we weren’t quite so exhausted and the 5 hours went by reasonably quickly.

I know the trip back took us longer, but we were able to make these stops that helped make the entire thing more… bearable. Little stops. Little breaks. Little victories.

It’s important to do that in life. So often we can barrel through adversities and our day-to-days, barely even noticing the stops along the way that helped us BREATHE. That helped us simply get to the next leg of the journey. These are victories! These ought to be celebrated! Stop talking yourself out of recognizing these moments that are DESIGNED to give us a second wind, and instead keep tabs on the little things. Put them in your back pocket so you can whip them out and remind yourself that it’s not ALL uphill.

It sounds silly, but my mom always got happy when she got a parking spot right up front at the mall. Now I call it “rockstar parking” when it happens, but in the times where life seems to be handing out a bunch of misses and losses, we MUST be able to see the silver lining, wherever it shows up!

ALLOW YOURSELF to notice the LITTLE VICTORIES. Celebrate them. They make the journey sweeter.

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